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Clay Pigeon Shooting

RoseMount Shooting School specialises in clay pigeon shooting and is now widely renowned for its top-class clay shooting accomplishments. 


Rosemount instructors provide tuition to corporate groups, individuals of all levels or groups simply looking to try something new.  For those requiring specific firearms safety certification Rosemount also provide this.

Clay Shooting


Fancy yourself as a bit of a new age Robin Hood? Persuade your merry men to 

try their hand at archery and you can pass an afternoon enjoying this historic target sport. Alone or in a group, archery is an engaging and entertaining sport and is once more, undergoing a revival of interest worldwide. RoseMount Shooting School provides the tuition and environment for a safe, fun way to practice and learn how to shoot arrows.


Archery can be a wind down sport for groups who want a break away from the corporate world, to learn at a relaxed pace something completely different. Archery is a tremendous workout for the body and mind, so find out if you have what it takes to become a crack marksman in one of Ireland’s fastest growing sports.

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